Staff Wetsuits Picks 2023

Hey fellow surfers, gear matters big time, right? Let’s hear from from two of the staff, Dwayne and Rusty, about their top wetsuit choices for 2023.

Dwayne’s Go-To: O’Neill Hyperfreak 4/3+mm Wetsuit

Dwayne loves the O’Neill Hyperfreak 4/3+mm Wetsuit. Why? It’s light like a feather in the water, letting him move and feel light which means more waves. Plus, it stretches like a champ, following his moves like a sidekick. But what seals the deal? Fit. No matter the bells and whistles, if it doesn’t fit, it’s a flop. Hyperfreak hugs him right, no extra baggage.

Rusty’s Pick: O’Neill Pschotech 4/3mm Wetsuit

Rusty’s all about the O’Neill Pschotech 4/3mm Wetsuit. Why? It keeps him warm when the waters get chilly, and it’s stretchy, letting him do his thing. Fit’s key here too – no one wants a wrestling match with their wetsuit. Pschotech fits Rusty like a glove, no fuss.

Fit is It

Both staff agree – fit rocks. All the wetsuit tech won’t save you if it’s like wearing your big brother’s jacket. Fit’s the secret sauce for killer waves.

Bonus: Patagonia R3 Wetsuit

Check out Patagonia’s R3 Wetsuit too. Tough as nails, eco-friendly, and hugs you tight. Different vibe, but worth a peek.

Find Your Wave Warrior

Want Dwayne’s vibe? Check out the O’Neill Hyperfreak 4/3+mm Wetsuit. Rusty’s pick, the O’Neill Pschotech 4/3mm Wetsuit, is worth a look too. Feeling the eco-nudge? Scope the Patagonia R3 Wetsuit.

Listen to the wave whispers and find your surf partner. Dwayne, Rusty, and the ocean are waiting.

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