Sinch Ebikes

Sinch E-Bikes now at Coastal Sports NZ. At Sinch electric bikes, the mission is clear: democratize cycling by enhancing accessibility, affordability, and enjoyment. With a rich history spanning over 50 collective years, they’ve honed the craft of creating elegantly simple designs that pack superior performance and unbeatable value. Their legacy includes internationally acclaimed recognitions like the Red Dot Design Award, as well as the esteemed Purple and Gold Pins from the NZ Best Design Awards. Collaborations with the New Zealand cycling team have led to Olympic and World Championship victories.

Now, their ambition expands to empower athletes, commuters, families, and adventurers to break free from routines, bid farewell to fuel stations, embrace fitness, and contribute to a sustainable world. Experience the electric bike revolution – discover the e-bike smile with Sinch, where innovation is a breeze!

In Store and available at Coastal Sports Kaikoura.


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