15 Years

Coastal Sports

Its been 15 years since we opened the doors in Kaikoura. We started the store around our passions for the sports we love and it continues today. We don’t try to be the biggest or the flashest, we don’t drive the latest cars or have the biggest houses, but we do have the best gear for the sports we love. Retail gets more and more competitive every year, with big box corporate companies buying up the sports I love and spreed sheeting them. We’ll keep doing what we do, until we can’t, but if you give us a shot you may be surprised, we often are cheaper or can match the big guys, we have the knowledge to get into right gear the first time. We never take your business for granted, but getting you out and having fun is our number one business goal, my accountant thinks its a terrible goal.

Looking back the last few years has been a blast, swells, bike adventures, ski touring, hanging with friends, I’m so looking forward to what’s coming.

Dwayne Fussell

Owner / manager / cleaner / listener

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