2020 Giant Bicycles

It must be that time again, shiny new paint jobs, new tech, and some new amperage. 2020 sees us back to the Gold Coast to look at the new and exciting Giant 2020 range of bikes. There’s some great stuff here, refined ebikes, some new models that aren’t out yet, but we did get to see them, unfortunately still under embargo. Giant is definitely pushing back towards the 29ers as the Mtb size of the future. Considering Giant was quick to ditch the size a few years back in a lot of their key models some may say why?

Why does 29 make sense now, because they’re better than they use to be. Its a combination of things, better wheels is a big one, stiffer, lighter and wider hub spacing. Better geometry, 29er has always been faster in a straight line, but the early 29ers handled like a tractor. New forks with different offsets, headtube and seat angles, top tube lengths, chainstay lengths, bb heights, not one is the fix, but with the correct combination, they bring 29ers alive.

Now its all the benefits with few of the downfalls. bigger traction point, lower rolling resistance, lower angle of attack when the tyre hits something, more momentum through the rough stuff lots of good things, just buy good wheels, that’s the key.

The bikes I want to buy are still coming this year, but from what I’ve seen Giant has some real winners in there.

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