Rusty’s Quiver.

I’m Rusty, Standing 173cm and weighing in at 70-73 Kegs. Surfing ability is intermediate. Id like to get out every day, but maybe 2-3 times a week/sometimes weeks between surfs.  I’ve been in and out of the water for approx 20yrs playing on different makes and models.

Seeing i’m not peeking with surf fitness I counter that with a bit more Volume.

Current Quiver: Rusty Enough Said 6’1 PU, Rusty Blade 5’11 PU, DHD DNA RT 6’2 PU

So lets start with my oldest board:  

Rusty Enough Said:  6’1 x 19 ⅛ x 2 ½.  29.9L

It’s in the name really “Enough Said” there isn’t much this thing can’t do! I tried my Boss’s 6’2 version and was sold after 2 waves.  Amazing speed and Paddle power. It just gets in super easy, speed down the line and it glides nicely over the water on the paddle back out. 

Definitely play with fin set ups with the Enough Said. I tried one set and it was more knifey than I was used to. But after a couple changes, The medium Al Merrick AM thruster set up had me under control with great maneuverability control and speed. It just surfs everything. But does like a bit of a wall to really get the glory.

Board was so good that after my mate had a go he brought 2 of them! 6’1 and a 6’4 for the bigger days.

Thus fore i still have it after 2yrs, will definitely get another if snaps.

Rusty Blade w Channels:  5’11 x 19.13 x 2.24  29.2L

This board was a pleasant surprise as it was brought on a whim. I had never surfed or owned something with channels (but it looked sooo cool!) told the boss to just do it, order it in. So he did, one for himself and couple for the shop.

Once again Rusty has outdone themselves! I thought the channels would be a bit grippy, My how wrong I was! You could surf it longer or shorter in almost any conditions. Its my everything else board, for the bigger days I have the other 2 boards, but havent had too many issues in overhead waves. I just put a bigger fin in for hold. Speed is never the issue with the Blade. 

It is alot more playful than my other 2 boards as shorter and more of a square tail on it.

DHD DNA Round Tail:  6’2 x 19 ¼ x 2 7/16  31L

Seen this beast in the rack and it seemed to be just what the doctor ordered! Bit longer and round tail for some hold in the bigger waves that I’m progressing towards. Bit more Rail for hold combined with the Round Tail to build some confidence. I’m too used to getting sucked over the falls and the DNA RT seems to be delivering. (less BEATINGS is a good thing) so yes i am enjoying this very much. It paddles great to get me in early, I can duck dive it easily, generates speed down the line whilst holding the wall, weight the back foot and rip a big carve in without any loss of traction. Definitely likes a punchy wave.

Running it with Merrick Am Large fins

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